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  1. Tieger plumbing Certified low pressure boiler and unfired pressure vessel inspector

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    The "set Pressure" of the automatic feeder on a hot water low pressure is normally 12 -15 PSI

    To derive how much pressure each system actually needs is as follows

    1- You cold fill the system

    2- You bleed air out of the entire system

    3- You take the attitude reading (no flow static head) and mark the tri indicator with the little arrow

    4- You ADD 4 PSI pressure as a fudge factor (STILL on cold fill)
  2. Working on a Gas Appliance

    By Sylvan Tieger Licensed Master Plumbing / LMFSPC

    Dangers of Gas
    Unless you hold a valid Master Plumbers /Gas-fitters License I would strongly suggest you don't even think of installing gas lines or a hot water heater. Do you know the actual BTU input of the H/W heater?

    Are you using metalbestos (double wall flue piping)?
    What is the specific gravity of the gas (fuel) in your area?
    Can you safely install the T&P (Temperature ...
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  3. 100 gallon Commercial water heater prices?

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    The new Commercial water heater with the New Low Nox burner has incredibly gone so high that its going to be a slow seller. Prices have gone thru the roof. About a thousand dollar more than the old prices. These w/h have 199,000 btu's and capacity of 100 gallons.

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  4. How to check a water leak

    4 Important Steps should be taken when trying to find a leak.

    1.Locate a meter box. It is generally near the sidewalk in front of your home. Look for a rotating elements, such as a disc or a dial and a "Gallons" indicator under the displayed numbers. As of right now, the disc or dial will be moving. The color and size of the disc or dial on the water meter vary from city to city.

    2.Turn off all water using appliances or objects, such as showers, sinks, washing ...
  5. How to detect water leaks

    Plumbing problems such as slab leaks may surface from any imperfection in the concrete foundation. If you notice a water leak in Los Angeles surfacing in a particular area, that does not mean the water leak from the pipe is at the same location. Remember, water moves, and will quickly find the path of least resistance. In some cases, the water buildup could be feet or even yards away from the source of the problem. That is why it is vital to have a professional plumbing service technician with all ...
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